Derren Brown, International Man of Mystery

You’ve missed me.  I can feel it in my bones – this, this longing to hear from the crazy bitch who continues to embark on her maddening journey into the occult.

I feel so loved.  And touched.  Because you missed me.  Right?

Moving on…

With a frosty pint tow I am attempting to fight off an oncoming cold.  Unless various films and television shows have lied to me, I’m quite sure that alcohol fights off all infection.

Never being one to make the worst of an illness I decided to plop myself down in front of the television (or to be honest, my computer) earlier this evening and scrolled through the perfectly legal online entertainment that I could indulge in.  I leapt in joy (just a bit) when I found that there were several series of Derren Brown shows right at my fingertips.

I quite like Derren Brown.

Today’s episode was called DERREN BROWN: MESSIAH!  Oooooh.  Sold!  My flatmates and I proceeded to watch the episode where he traveled out to the states and managed to convince various “specialists” in the supernatural field that he could do the following:

  1. Determine someone’s medical history by having them touch the small of his back
  2. Talk to the dead
  3. Use his “dream machine” to be able to record someone’s dreams
  4. Turn atheists into Christians just by touching them
  5. Determine what the person in the next room was drawing on a sheet of paper

And, low and behold, he does manage to do all of these things using various tricks – which he tragically does not explain.  What I greatly respect about what Derren Brown does is that he is very upfront and says that he is doing it as a trick.  It isn’t real.  He points out that so often we allow ourselves to be swayed into making very large life choices based on what we think other people can do.  He also explicitly says that if anyone were to ask him whether he was doing a trick he would respond with a resounding YES!

Sad thing is that no one ever asked him in the program.  Or at least the editor will have us believe.

Seeing magicians do these types of things is, well, unbelievable.  It’s far easier to believe that what they are doing is magic, not some illusion.

How would you respond if someone sat down and told you very specific things about a deceased loved one?  What if they told you about that neck problem you had a decade ago?  Or perhaps that building you had seen in your sleep?

Would you believe them?  Would you think that they had provided to you absolute proof of the existence of the supernatural?  Of a creator?

I might if it was convincing.  But this is what it’s all about, isn’t it?  We need to look at things as impartial third parties and see them for what they are, or what they might be.


About adventuresintheoccult

Hello, my name is Thorn Globlinfly. I am the bringer of riches and wealth. I live in brambles and blackberry bushes. I am only seen at midday under a quiet, cloudless sky. I wear purple and green like berries and leaves. I have gentle green wings like a butterfly. I will also be looking at the Occult as a skeptic. Whee!
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2 Responses to Derren Brown, International Man of Mystery

  1. Dragonknight Witchman says:

    I do sometimes have a problem with Derren Brown though. He sometimes claims that a trick is an effect of psychology when really it’s nothing of the sort, and I do think that miss-represents what psychology is. Plus stage hypnotism is rubbish, like.

  2. This is very true – though I haven’t looked into it much. Will have to do some research!

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