Spell of the Day: Lottery Winning

Hello young witches and warlocks!

I trust you have been reading up on your witchcraft (or am I the only poor bastard who has to??)

Never the less I will reward you all with a SPELL TO WIN THE LOTTERY.  Yes, you heard me correct: A SPELL TO WIN THE FREAKIN LOTTERY!

What you will need:

A green candle for each of the numbers you choose, a gold candle if there is a bonus number, a lottery ticket, pen and paper, a pinch of ground cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg.

The Spell (to be done before you buy the lottery ticket/ pick your numbers):

Place all of your green candles in a row in front of you with the gold candle (if required) on the right side. Light them.

Place the lottery ticket in front of them and say:   DEVINE GUIDANCE, PLEASE GIVE ME THE NUMBERS TO BRING ME PROSPERITY.

Gaze into the flickering flame of your first candle and write down the first number that comes to mind.  Do this for every candle/ number until you are finished.  Sprinkle the spices onto your card and extinguish the candles.


Probably be best to thank the universe too.

Go now!  Win the lottery and thank me for sharing this mighty life changing knowledge.  Maybe buy me some delicious cake with your earnings.  I like cake.



About adventuresintheoccult

Hello, my name is Thorn Globlinfly. I am the bringer of riches and wealth. I live in brambles and blackberry bushes. I am only seen at midday under a quiet, cloudless sky. I wear purple and green like berries and leaves. I have gentle green wings like a butterfly. I will also be looking at the Occult as a skeptic. Whee!
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