Money Magic

When I was in the shop the other day I was searching specifically for books of spells. You know, cool spells like how to make your flatmate break out in horrible itchy rashes, or how to make someone fall so in love with you that they keep sending you chocolates and other delicious edibles on a daily basis, thus eliminating your need to cook. Alas, I had no such luck BUT I did find a book on MONEY SPELLS! Who doesn’t want more money? And, hey, if I can get more money just by chanting things and lighting candles then what is there to lose?

Allow me to share the TEN STEPS TO SUCCESSFUL SPELL WORKING (is that proper grammar?)

  1. Know what you want to attract. Be clear about how much money you want to draw into your life.
  2. Be willing to take the practical action needed. Without physical action your spell will not be complete.
  3. Believe you can have it. Think of all the reasons why you should receive this prosperity.
  4. Use your imagination. See yourself having achieved your goal.
  5. Use the power of words. Speak to yourself positively about your ability to reach your goals.
  6. Release your desire to the universe. Let your request go out into the universe to hook up with what you want.
  7. Listen to your intuitive urges. Those often come into the form of inspiration or a strong desire to do something.
  8. Know why you want it. Write down the reasons that you want to attract a particular amount of money.
  9. Be open to receive. Expect your goal to materialize.
  10. Thank the universe. Have an attitude of gratitude.

Ok, seems simple enough though I don’t like this whole business of taking “the practical action needed”. I bought this book so I could chant things and get money, not to do more friggin’ work.

The above is mostly encouraging positive affirmations, goal setting, and pursuing your passions. There is nothing particularly magical about any of that though I’m secretly pleased that the author is asking me to “thank the universe” which is much more ambiguous and less ominous than saying that I should thank all of my dead relatives (see: Batshit insane Mediumship for Sceptics).

I did do one of the spells yesterday that involved lighting a white candle, writing on a sheet of paper how much money I wanted to make and envisioning a white branch of light bringing that money to me. The book encourages you to keep doing the spell until you get some money…which could be a while.

I will admit that I’m more in a financial state of mind though. Writing out goals and figuring out ways to achieve them will do that to you.

Flipping through this tiny little spell book I came to an unhappy realization. The book itself cost me 7 quid. It requires me to have a collection of multicoloured candles, stones, various incenses and a huge assortment of essential oils (as well as other odds and ends which I do not possess), soooooo this whole venture could actually end up costing quite a pretty penny.

Well, uh, it takes money to make money, right?

There is also a chapter on LOTTERY LUCK. Will keep you posted.



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Hello, my name is Thorn Globlinfly. I am the bringer of riches and wealth. I live in brambles and blackberry bushes. I am only seen at midday under a quiet, cloudless sky. I wear purple and green like berries and leaves. I have gentle green wings like a butterfly. I will also be looking at the Occult as a skeptic. Whee!
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